Knytt Stories 1.2.1 for Windows 10


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Knytt Stories is a continuation of a great platformer, entitled Knytt. In the sequel, like the original strongest game is amazing, slightly dreamy, slightly magical atmosphere that accompanies a lazy, relaxing fun. We follow here the actions of strange creatures that traverses a large varied world on the occasion of winning the new skills that will allow him (or her - at least I think) in an even more accurate penetrating all corners. The program is fairly large for a platformer, not only by the size at which the world comes to us to move, but also with a range of skills that your character can acquire during the game. The game has become more dynamic in the previous section, it is easier to die, and there are more creatures that can harm us, not just accounting background. The game is not lost, however, its quiet, melancholy nature and further work rather than stimulating a calming effect. Once again, this is the game for, those who want to chill out and relax.    Minimum requirements:  Processor: Unknown  RAM: No data  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data